Jan 8 Update

We met with the PUA and the construction team today.

Starting today, now, right this very minute, the top part of the trail is closed to non-construction personnel, which means you and me. Closing the trail is to help ensure the safety of the residents of Lake Pointe and the construction crew.

Where? It’s the part of the trail that you access from the middle part of the access road from the east and where it splits with the longer trail in the west. There was a cattle gate placed at the split last week to help deter hikers, but someone was kind enough to not only move it off the path but throw it roughly 300 feet into a ravine. Thanks for that.

The trail with the red X’s is the trail that is closed. It will be closed at where it meets the other trails- noted by the red circles.

It will remain closed through the end of July. Not an ideal situation, but it is a construction site, and it will have an open hole.

Now for the bad news.

Starting in February, traffic will be prohibited on the preserve road until the project wraps up at the end of July. Why? Construction will start on that part of the line, and there will be more open holes. That is the Yellow trail on the map above.

Where can you hike? The west side of the preserve down to the bottom will stay open for now. Be aware; at the bottom, you will have to turn around and go back up and out via Brittney Point or Carlsbad.

The engineers told the PUA, MUD, and HOA that this project could be done in phases, but the construction crew, once they arrived on site and cleared enough trees to see the project in its entirety, have told us that cannot be done.

Trenching should start next week along Bee Caves, and then a few weeks after it will begin to along the path in the preserve.

Construction deliveries will start soon after that.

There will be signs placed at the preserve entrances and where the trail is going to be closed. Please let your neighbors know. Please share this with them. The HOA is going to add this to their newsletter, and we will update both the MUD and HOA websites.

Pat Sinnott – President Lake Pointe HOA
Steven Knuff – Lake Pointe MUD