New Water Line Construction


January 8, 2020 Update

Construction has started on the second water line for the West Travis Public Utility. The new line almost doubles the amount of water the utility can provide to its customers, and more importantly, it will serve as a backup if the main water line breaks again. Construction is expected to last until July 2020.  

You can see from the map below that the new water pipe will run up from the lake, behind Sea Eagle View, Lake Stone Dr, and Sterling Panorama Terrace. It will then come up beside the clubhouse, along Resaca Blvd, and down Bee Caves Road.

The two entrances for the construction site will be at the clubhouse and along the road in the Preserve. The PUA has agreed that no trucks will use the clubhouse entrance during LPE school zone times. In addition, construction hours are restricted to 7:00 am-7:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00-5:00 pm on Saturdays.  

Nobody wants to live next to a construction site. Trust us; we get that. Steven has just lived through two years of construction for Lakes Edge in his backyard. He and Pat Sinnott, the Lake Pointe HOA President, will be in constant contact with the PUA and the construction company to be your representatives during this project. 

We’ve asked for monthly updates for the overall project with more frequent updates when construction will impede the use of neighborhood amenities. There will be times when we have to limit traffic down into the Preserve so that you do not drive or walk into a hole. 

The new pipe will exit the east of the pumping facility, so the stairs down to the lake will be removed and replaced when that section of the pipe is in place. Do not try to walk around the construction to get to the dock. 

There will be safety fencing around most of the project. Please remind your children of the dangers associated with construction sites. They aren’t playgrounds. 

We will update this post with a schedule as often as the construction company updates it and sends it to me. 

Planning for this project started years ago, and approvals were granted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, LCRA, Lake Pointe MUD, Lake Pointe HOA, City of Bee Cave, Lake Travis ISD and Travis County.  

If you have any issues during construction, you can use the contact page here to alert Steven, Pat, the PUA, and the construction company. 

What do we get out of this besides dust, headaches, and redundancy? Do you see that dashed line that goes from the clubhouse down to the lake? It will be a trail when this project is completed.  

Thank you,

Steven Knuff
President, Lake Pointe MUD

Pat Sinnott
President, Lake Pointe HOA